Date of Photo: 9/1/2014 Courtesy of Moss Longhorns


Star Dust

UNPARALLELED 86/8Reflect Lady
Date of Birth: 11/7/2005
Description: This is a cow that will probably have the honor of dying on our place. She is a wonderful cow and a heck of a producer! We acquired her from Don Huber and he has built one of the most impressive breeding programs. This cow did wonderful things for him and is now doing the same for us. She has given us two exceptional heifers that we will be retaining for a long time. She broke off 9 inches of horn when she was 3, but she is still a very respectable 71 inch twisty horned cow. What's not to love about this big bodied cow?!
Owner Name:Don & Lois Huber
Breeder:Don & Lois Huber
Private Herd Number:10/05
Registration Number 1:244577
For Sale:No
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