Lot#: 9

ML Tuffy Dust

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Here is a calf that will easily fulfill the definition of a “trophy steer” at maturity! He has great bone structure, his conformation is on point, his color is eye grabbing (and will be even more so as he ages) and his pedigree is packed full of the best horn genetics in the industry! Tuffy Dust definitely reminds of us his sire, 3S Tuff Love, at this age. Tuff Love has grown into a fantastic herd sire, so there’s no doubt Tuffy Dust will be a great steer! Tuff Love has several other progeny on the show circuit that are doing well in their classes, so we believe this calf will do the same. Each day he is filling out more and more. His brindle spots and specks are poking through, as well. And did we mention, how sweet this boy is?! Please take a good look at this steer and consider adding him to your show string. We will be available for any and all questions concerning Tuffy Dust before the sale. Thanks for your consideration!
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Moss Longhorns
Moss Longhorns
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***CONSIGNED TO THE "GO FOR THE PURPLE SALE" in Hamilton, TX at the HOTTLA Fall Show. To view the sale catalog, click here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/516ec43ce4b0be930df5ef37/t/5bbfec5de2c4835e820a10d3/1539304544497/Online+Sale+Catalog+2018.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1uWOznlbO3x-POz4GBNPMw5keAOVDcuDTatQDutsCTffNy0pwBnrp_4tM