Welcome to Moss Longhorns!

We are a husband and wife team enjoying our lives raising Registered Texas Longhorns. This hardy breed of cattle was once near extinction, but is now a thriving breed once again. Longhorns are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you will get! Their colors, hide patterns, and horn shapes are unique to each animal. We fell in love with the breed and have dived in head first. We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to our cattle. Flashy cattle with beautiful horns are lovely to look at, but we always put soundness, productivity, correctness, and pedigree first. However, our goal is to achieve that overall animal. It is more difficult, but can be done by matching the correct animals to one another, generation after generation.

Proper nutrition is also a major concern for our program. A longhorn can have the best pedigree available, but without the proper nutrition, you could be cheating that animal out of the opportunity to be the best animal it can be. There is never a time on our place when our cattle look thin and scrawny. We pride ourselves in healthy cattle. Heathy cattle are productive cattle. Productive cattle provide happiness for their owners, new progeny for breeders to keep bettering this breed, and nutritious food for your table.

We also like our cattle to have a laid back personality. Calm cattle are easy to manage and care for. All of our cattle are cube broke and many are lovers of a good scratch or brush session. Rarely is a halter put on these animals to achieve this gentleness. We spend lots of time with our cattle interacting with them in their natural state. By doing so, we have animals that are easy to catch, work, and momma cows that are completely ok with us observing them during the birthing process and while the baby is taking many of its firsts. Our cattle trust that we are there to care and provide for them.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. We always enjoy a good chat about our favorite cattle. If you wish to see more about our cattle and what is currently going on around the ranch, please scroll down and take the opportunity to "like" and follow our Moss Longhorns Facebook page. We are constantly posting pictures of the arrivals of new babies, current horn measurements, Longhorn sales and events we attend, and videos of us interacting with our cattle!

- Josh and Kaitlyn Moss