Moss Longhorns is owned and operated by Josh and Kaitlyn Moss. Our lovely ranch is located right outside of the quaint town of Hico, TX. Before owning our herd, we were just a couple of country-livin’ transplants forced to live in the city away from our families and the great state of Texas. We began our journey as a married couple in Washington State where Josh was stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  Josh served 3.5 years in the Air Force as an active duty Firefighter. He now is a reservist for the Air Force and is a Department Of Defense employee at Fort Hood where he continues his duties as a Firefighter. We both spent countless hours studying for school and working towards promotions. Those 3 years of hard, butt-busting work paid off. We were granted the wish to come home early from Josh’s duty station in the Pacific Northwest. Before our military journey, we both grew up along somewhat parallel paths which led us to this very jointed path of raising Longhorns, a path that we longed for the entire time we were away.

Josh grew up around his grandfather’s hobby herd of registered Longhorns. He spent countless hours repairing and building fence, hauling hay, clearing trees, and any other manual labor that needed to be done. Who would have thought years later Josh would have a herd of his own and be making a business out of a hobby? Josh jokes that he still is just a manual labor hand for his bride, but she says that’s only because his is a weight-lifting junky so she might as well put those muscle to some good use. Josh is also constantly clicking pictures of the cows with his phone. He might not admit it, but he gets just as attached to them as Kaitlyn does. 

Kaitlyn grew up in the panhandle of Texas around horses and all aspects of farming and the commercial cattle industry. Some of her fondest memories include her riding around with her dad checking sprinklers and sorting cattle or helping process numerous heads of cattle and learning how to run a cattle based business at the feedlot her Mom managed. She spent several years pursuing a Pharmacy and Chemistry degree, but her true passion was out in the pasture. The longhorns cast their spell on her (like they have done for so many other breeders!) and have given her the drive to pursue the dream of making a name for herself in the agricultural/ranching industry.

Our backgrounds have given us a strong foundation to build upon and because of that, it is why we strive for cattle with correct conformation, consistency in passing great genetics, and of course, good horn growth. Because we are usually just a two-man operation, we cannot stress enough how important a good temperament is in our cattle. Most of the time, it is just Kaitlyn tending to the cattle and their needs. Our herd is small, but we like it that way. It is profitable and manageable. We love our longhorns like they are our children and our small herd allows us time to thoroughly enjoy each one of them. 

We are currently using both natural servicing and Artificial Insemination to impregnate our females. We feel by doing this we are better able to bring in those desired traits we are seeking out, plus we are more able to keep up with the demand of the industry. We also keep our eyes peeled for any embryos we feel could enhance our herd.  

In our spare time, we do enjoy attending any Longhorn function. It is always a joy meeting new breeders! Seeing and hearing what others are doing in this industry is fascinating, encouraging, and always educational. Thanks for checking out our herd!